Website & Content Creation

C. Wirschke

C. Wirschke is Düsseldorf's first shopping address for exclusive international fashion brands and one of the oldest family businesses in Düsseldorf from the textile industry. The atmosphere at C. Wirschke is very inviting, the ambience cozy and modern.

Since competent and friendly service has always been their top priority, they wanted to offer an online solution for their costumers during the COVID-19 quarantine.

Hunter & Prize designed and developed an Online Store in less than 2 weeks. The design followed brand's style: elegant, chic and modern. The art direction and cover pictures production was a key point. We wanted a visual appearance which stimulated moods, contrasted features and psychologically appealed to a target audience. By producing the content for the brand's new side, we could achieve our goals and make it overall much more appealing.

Website and Content Creation